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Run R Code in SAS

Feng Jiang
Last Updated: 2020-11-15

Unlike SAS, which provides designated syntax to run a R session alongside the SAS session, R does not have the capability to run a SAS session.

However, R has the function system() to invoke any command from the OS. On the other hand, SAS provides a functionality to allow us to run a SAS script through command line. By putting those two together, we can use R to call the SAS command to run a SAS script.

The command line syntax to call SAS to run a SAS script is:

"C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\sas.exe" -SYSIN "path\to\"

All we need to do is call the above command from the R system() function. The R code will look like:

system('"C:\\Program Files\\SASHome\\SASFoundation\\9.4\\sas.exe" -SYSIN "path\\to\\"')

Notice two small changes:

  1. The whole command is put within the single quotes because we use double quotes in the command, which is because the paths could have spaces in it.
  2. Backslashes \ are escaped with additional backslashes for the R syntax.

The above code is hard to modify and expand. We can make things easier by splitting the pieces and paste them back together.

sas_exe = '"C:\\Program Files\\SASHome\\SASFoundation\\9.4\\sas.exe"'
sas_script = '"path\\to\\"'
sas_command = paste0(sas_exe, " -SYSIN ", sas_script)

Using the above syntax, we can add more to the SAS command:

sas_exe = '"C:\\Program Files\\SASHome\\SASFoundation\\9.4\\sas.exe"' 
sas_cfg = '"C:\\Program Files\\SASHome\\SASFoundation\\9.4\\sasv9.cfg"' 
sas_autoexec = '"my\\"'
sas_script = '"path\\to\\"'
sas_log = '"path\\to\\sas.log"'
sas_lst = '"path\\to\\sas.txt"'
sas_command = paste0(sas_exe, 
                     " -CONFIG ", sas_cfg, 
                     " -AUTOEXEC ", sas_autoexec, 
                     " -NOSPLASH",
                     " -SYSIN ", sas_script,
                     " -LOG ", sas_log,
                     " -PRINT ", sas_lst)
system(sas_command, intern = TRUE, invisible = FALSE)

Note: the SAS installation path can be different, please check if the above code does not run on your machine.

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